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This all began when my British daughter-in-law Mary-Anne Priestley Ghazala, kept asking me to tell her about her children's ancestry. The year must have been 1986 when I embarked with enthusiasm on my journey as a traveller through family history.

Shining through the mist of all the bewildering and difficult work of collecting facts, however, there have also been a tremendous number of sunbeams. Relatives have happily and enthusiastically contributed fabulous information and material to assist me with drawing up the pedigree of our family - a family which has spread proudly over all the continents of the world. The foundation of the book is built on facts deriving from my father's and mother's relatives and ancestors, along with similar information originating from the three female companions with whom I have shared my life, thus presenting the family history which we share with our children.

A few of the articles in this book are wholly or partly based on material from Swedish and foreign reference sources, encyclopaedia and Google.


I will also say thank you to Facebook who made it possible for family members to discover me, and I them.

If you google your name you might find your self on this homepage, if not, I am quite sure your name will be found among the 7000 names in the forthcoming family book.

I have therefore produced this homepage to keep you curious about the future book. Which presumably will be on sale, printed and digital. Please find you free to add your comments in the guestbook.

Melker Ghazala 'Mike'